Jewelry For You

Our jewelry story is really about what you want. We listen to our customers and find pieces in estate sales and at auctions that match their dreams! From contemporary trends to vintage and antique, our finds will not only inspire you, they will transform you to your own unique version of you. Shop our online store (coming soon) or email us about what you have been looking for. We will go on a treasure hunt to find the perfect gems for you!


Jewelry Services

We let you know the condition of the items we find for you.  If your dream pieces need servicing, we stand ready to assist.  From cleaning and tightening to repairing breaks and resizing — we can help you in a timely and supportive manner.  


Value and Quality

We researh your jewelry for its value but also to give you a sense of its history. We absolutely love the rare finds and take this opportunity to help you understand the value of your piece.  You can trust that we will communicate transparently about value and quality.